Beta Version 0.2.0


- You can now save replays of matches
- You can watch replays by loading the file from App Data/Smash Engine/Beta 0.2.0

- General balance and animation updates
- Added Raptor Boost
- Added Whirling Fortress
- Added Yoshi Dair
- Added Simon / Richter Dtilt
- Added Ike's Nair
- Added a Ftilt that can be angled
- Added Fox's Bair
- Added Zero Suit Samus' Uspec
- Added Mewtwo Uspec
- Added a multihit Utilt
- Added Ivysaur's Uair

- Landing lag when jumping normally
- Ledge trumping
- Higher aerial speed cap when jumping during a dash
- Shield plat drop
- Rivals of Aether type wall jumps

- Input buffer and control stick reworks
- Debug mode now allows you to see 10 previous states
- More day / night cycle controls
- Support for Reverse B and B Reversing
- Some support for hurtbox changing
- You can now give attacks on hit visual and sound effects!

- Made it easier to buffer throws
- Fixed some angle flippers
- Grabbing a shielding player no longer causes a crash
- Flinch state now changes to hitstun in the air (allows Jab 1 to combo)
- Tap jump now works properly
- Crouching now changes the hurtbox

- Optional dust clouds when launched
- Updated other dust cloud visuals
- Offscreen view of fighters
- Support for midair jump animations
- Player depth sorting - attacking players are drawn on top of other players
- Added more stages
- Added a countdown at the beginning of a match
- Winning screen added
- Changed how the AI works


Platform Fighter Engine - Beta 0.2.0.yyz 3 MB
Aug 09, 2019
Platform Fighter Engine Demo - Beta 3 MB
Aug 09, 2019
Platform Fighter Engine Demo - Beta 0.2.0 (Keyboard).zip 3 MB
Aug 09, 2019

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