A downloadable project

Make your own platform fighter like Super Smash Bros or Rivals of Aether!

Download the GameMaker project and change or add attacks, sprites, and features.


  • Nearly all mechanics expected in a platform fighter game
  • Any number of players supported, as long as you have enough controllers
  • State machine for the player object
  • Input buffer for smooth gameplay
  • Custom controls for each player
  • 2 Pre-made characters
  • 50+ Pre-made attacks
  • Hitboxes only hit once and can be grouped together
  • Choose between shielding or parrying
  • Grabs and throws
  • Hitpause, hitstun, and tumble states
  • Teching
  • Directional airdodge, wavelanding, and wavedashing
  • Ledge mechanics
  • Wall Jumps
  • Runs smoothly at 60 FPS

You must give credit when using the engine for your own project.

Let us know what other features you want!

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Platform Fighter Engine - Beta 0.3.0.yyz 14 MB
Platform Fighter Engine Demo - Beta 0.3.0.zip 5 MB
[Older Version] - Platform Fighter Engine - Beta 0.2.1.yyz 3 MB

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