Beta Version 0.1.0

The next version of Platform Fighter Engine is out now!

- General attack balance
- Updated a few attack animations
- Added Toon Link Nair
- Added Mario Uair
- Added a standard Zair Attack

- Parrying (You can choose between normal shields or parrying)
- Ledge Tethering
- Special control settings (Tap Jump, Shorthop Aerial, Crouch Shorthop, Diagonal Cstick Nair, A+B Smashes)
- Respawn platforms added

- Testing for diagonal stick directions
- Added a movement function that doesn't let the user go through platforms (may be used for aerial attacks)
- Hurtbox changing functions
- More snapping functions
- Better background creation and management functions
- Variables to control how moves are affected by parrying

- Separate animation for jumpsquat, jumping, midair, falling, and fastfalling
- Most states now support animation
- Teching now has proper lockout and a separate input buffer
- Snapping movement has been fixed
- Projectiles' knockback is no longer tied to the player's facing direction
- Resizing the game no longer causes surface bugs
- Renamed some macros / variables / resources

- Custom control screen now has a cool moving background!
- Optional Day / Night Cycle
- Beginning match countdown
- Damage now has %

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