Beta Version 0.4.0

Animation Update
- You can now define animation speed, scale, angle, etc. per state for each character
- If you give a state an array of sprites, the game will randomly choose on the sprites to use when the character enters the state
- You can now link multiple animations together in an animation chain, and the player will move to the next animation in the chain when their current animation is done
- Jumping sprites have been divided into rising / midair / falling / fastfalling
- Added in wall and ceiling tech animations

- Press X on the win screen to save a replay
- You can watch replays from the character select screen

- Added Sheik's Down Special, Bouncing Fish
- Added a new forward throw, fthrow_spin
- fsmash_ganon now has the correct startup length
- Samus' Forward Aerial connects better

- Wall Clinging
- You can now grab while shielding by pressing attack
- Added the option to perform smash attacks by flicking the stick and pressing attack
- Knockdown time no longer uses hard_landing_lag as the base time. Instead, it now uses a knockdown_lag_multiplier on the remaining hitstun

- States are now stored per-character
- Added the script fx_create_colored() which creates VFX using the player's palette
- Added the script Player_Move_To_Back() to go along with Player_Move_To_Front()
- You can now assign an array of hit FX to a hitbox, and it will play all of the FX at once
- attack_stop() will now end in either idle or aerial if no state is given
- Added the script attack_stop_preserve_state() which does not change the player's state
- attack_has_hit() now has an optional argument for counting blocked hits or not (shielded or parried)
- Characters now have a hud_script, which can be used to draw HUD elements such as gauges

- The winner is now chosen randomly when there is a tie instead of the game continuing with no players
- Fixed an issue where a tap jump would buffer a double jump
- Fixed a bug where player could have 1 more frame of invulnerability than their opponent based on player number
- friction_gravity() now works correctly if no gravity is given
- check_blastzones() no longer mixes up the upper blastzone check with the other checks
- Fixed multiple issues with camera zooming
- Calling die() while inside the blastzones will no longer create the large KO explosion
- check_ledge_grab_falling() now properly returns a value
- rm_Campground now has the correct number of respawn platforms
- Grab positions are now continuously recalculated
- Fixed a bug where players couldn't change profile properly

- Added more hit FX styles to choose from
- Reorganized scripts
- The menu controls are smoother
- Keyboard controls!


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