Beta Version 0.3.0

The next version of Platform Fighter Engine is out now!

This one is a major update that adds a character select screen, new moves, new scripts, bugfixes, and much more!


Character Select Screen
- Automatically detects controllers
- Move around tokens and select characters
- Select which color you want to use with the back buttons
- Add CPUs to the match and select their character
- Change Stock, Time and Stamina
- Change your custom controls
- Create profiles to save custom controls

- Added Sheik Up Smash
- Added Ganon Forward Smash
- Added Mii Gunner Forward Aerial
- Added Mewtwo Down Smash
- Added in a Rapid Jab
- Added in Claw Dash Attack
- Added in Up Throw Jump
- Remade dsmash0
- Remade Fox Up B
- General balance changes

- Counters
- Windboxes
- Wall tech jumping
- Star KO and Screen KO

- Stage music
- Added an option to save replays with extra data to check for desyncs
- Added more options for control stick checking
- Added the ability to change animation rotation, scale, alpha, and color blend
- Attack cooldown system
- Added in new hitbox properties:


- Options for rendering players in the foreground or the background
- Added the ability to toggle the Day / Night cycle per stage
- Added more support for projectile movement:

horizontal and vertical bouncing
going through walls
colliding with one way platforms properly

- Match settings: Stock, Time, and Stamina
- Scripts to check match settings
- Added the option to give backgrounds an absolute position
- Added a script aerial_drift_momentum that applies aerial drift but doesn't restrict momentum the player already has
- Everything that does damage now uses the script apply_damage. This is to support stamina mode
- Added a script is_dead to ch

- Run Turnaround now cancels into the Idle state if you aren't tilting the control stick when it ends. This makes dash dancing easier.
- Fixed the way the projectile for fspec_missile draws
- Fixed an issue where replays would not save the correct inputs if you paused the game
- Fixed an issue where certain attacks would have port priority
- Fixed an issue where moving off ledges while in a grounded attack would halt all horizontal momentum
- Magnetboxes now calculate the magnet position at the time of hit instead of on creation
- Fixed an issue where win screen colors would not appear correctly
- obj_voronoi is no longer persistent, fixing depth issues
- If two players grab the same opponent at once, they both grab release now
- Fixed a bug where players would occasionally recover from being hit into the ground without teching
- The state log now updates whenever set_state is called, meaning it will work even if the state is changed multiple times during a frame

More Fixes
- Shield stun is now always reset when the player enters the shielding state
- Fixed various bugs related to right stick inputs starting the wrong attack

- Added in an example taunt
- Slightly upgraded the AI
- Added the AI mode "Shield", in which the CPU will try to block all of your attacks and then grab
- The game now freezes for a bit and shows "GAME" before transitioning to the results screen
- Day / Night cycle is now based on game frames instead of the current_time
- When players have more than 5 stock, it displays as a number instead of as icons
- The hud now fades when players go under it
- Added in a splash screen logo animation

:warning: Notices
- Replays are disabled temporarily
- The character select screen does not support keyboards yet


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